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"Hi there, if you are starting out and looking for something that can guide you through Internet marketing, you came to the right place. Here i will share with you products and software that i use while starting out. Also i will share with you some recommendations that can help you out. The following resources here are a good place to start with."

Affiliate Tools

Tool #1 WP Profit Builder (Purchased) - The Easiest Way to Create High-Converting Lead Pages, Sales Pages, Member Portals and Marketing Pages Like the PROs... The ULTIMATE Marketing Page Creation System is Finally Here...

Note: I created my website using WP Profit Builder and it's very easy to use. That's why I like it a lot.. :-) Click here

Tool #2 OTO List Building Script (Free)- Now everyone can be an IM guru - This powerful FREE script lets you run a full-fledged online business like the gurus.
Click here
Tool #3 Tracks Social (Free)- Do you know what content is being shared? how many tweets about your site you get or like? social engagement is extremely important with SEO. Social engagement with your site and its content help's it rank better on Google. It helps to engage with your visitors and builds you a stronger brand. Click here
Tool #4 PopupXpert (Free) - "Now everyone can design stunning popups and optin forms... So what are you waiting for? Click here
Tool #5 Real Tracker (Free)- By monitoring the visitors' activities, The Real Tracker can tell you whether the traffic is a real visit or simply a click without someone really seeing your ad. Click here

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